April 20, 2024

Unsung makeup Heroes: Rimmel London natural Bronzer in sun Bronze

Rimmel natural Bronzer in sun Bronze ($4.99)
I can’t vouch for the full-on waterproofness of Rimmel natural Bronzer in sun Bronze ($4.99), since I’m still waiting to discover myself caught in a downpour with the original cast of Magic Mike, which to my mind is the perfect (and completely plausible) testing scenario.

But up until stated circumstance plays out — as well as it’s only a matter of time before it happens, obviously — I’ll just continue adoring this matte bronzer for other reasons, as well as there are SO, SO many OF THEM, starting with the wonderful price.


$4.99 Rimmel natural Bronzer in sun Bronze

It’s only $5! — however it may also expense $45, since that’s exactly how great it looks. It looks natural, applies smoothly as well as evenly, as well as lasts all the time long, too, without appearing streaky, powdery or heavy. If I didn’t understand better, I’d swear this stuff was by Bobbi Brown.

**SALE ALERT** The Rimmel natural Bronzers (Sun Bronze is one of four shades) are on BOGO (buy one, get one for 50% off) right now at Ulta, so you might get a second one for just $2.50 more, which means two bronzers for $7.50! three cheers for saving mad money, ma!

OK, so…bronzers can be rather tricky. I mean, you can’t just grab any type of old pan off the shelf as well as expect to look like J. Lo postin’ up on her yacht.

Me? I gravitate toward golden tan bronzers, since when I reach for bronzers that are as well warm or orange instead, I end up appearing like the perkiest Oompa Loompa in Charlie’s chocolate factory, you understand what I’m sayin’?


बिरालाहरू र मेकअप स्वेटशर्ट ??

$ 42

शप अब

And it’s no bueno.

Buttery medium tan sun Bronze has warm golden undertones, neither as well warm nor orange, as well as it warms up my deal with in a method that looks natural as well as totally legit.

Swatch of sun Bronze on my NC42 skin
It’s likewise simple to utilize as well as to apply quickly. Buffing it is a breeze, as well as as long as you do very little blending, you won’t end up with stripey-stripes on yo’ cheeks.

लामो-चलिरहेको असंख्य नायक नायकहरू यहाँ मेकअपमा यहाँ श्रृंगारमा साथै सौन्दर्य ब्लगले मेरा सबै समय मनपर्दो दीर्घकालीन संकलन उत्पादनहरू सुविधाहरू प्रदान गर्दछ।

That’s $5 (!) sun Bronze, which I’m using as a bronzer, just beneath the apples of my cheeks
ओह! — as well as it even doubles as a crease color. When I hit the road or take a trip, sometimes I’ll utilize it as my primary matte shift color.

While many of life’s many mysteries continue to elude me, like why the world needed a sequel to Magic Mike (was that truly necessary?), I understand this to be true: Rimmel sun Bronze is a must-have essential in this bronzer lover’s makeup bag. It’s redonkulously affordable, adds lovely warmth to the skin, as well as it’s incredibly simple to find, since it’s offered now online, as well as at drugstores as well as Ulta.

तपाईंको मैत्री समुदाय सौन्दर्य दुर्व्यसनी,


पी। एस What a wonderful day, my friend. Tgif! Is it just me, or did this week fly by?

Do you have any type of plans this weekend? nothing concrete for me yet, however El Hub as well as I were believing about going kayaking on the Russian River, depending upon the weather condition tomorrow. It’s supposed to awesome down rather a bit — perhaps even as well much to enjoy the river.

हामी विचार गर्ने छौँ…


I’m likewise petsitting for some household friends, which I’m extremely excited about, not gonna lie, since the gig includes a floofy kitty as well as an outgoing bunny rabbit.

Tabs will extremely likely demonstration when he catches a whiff of either one on my hands, however his royal highness will just have to get over it.

Hi, Sir Cranky Pants!
Enjoy your Friday!

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