April 20, 2024

My newest Skincare discovers for combination Skin

Fresh-faced in my work-from-home uniform of fitness center clothes as well as cool glasses
Over the past year or two, my decidedly typical skin ended up being extremely “combination.”

Maybe it was my cross-country relocation from nyc to the Bay Area, or perhaps it’s just that I’m in my 30s now, however I’m continuously searching for the best products for my sensitive, combination skin.


Here are some things I’ve been testing:

The skincare products I’ve been testing lately (L to R): boscia Charcoal Mattifying makeup setting Spray, Erborian Bamboo Matte Lotion, Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 as well as Sephora Clarifying Booster
I don’t like heavy skin products, particularly now that it’s consistently over 85 degrees every day, so I’ve been trying out all type of different things, from setting sprays as well as toners, to SPF as well as skincare boosters.

First up is Erborian Bamboo Matte lotion (available at Sephora for $34). It’s the product I’ve been utilizing the longest of this bunch, as well as for great reason. मलाई यो मन पर्छ! It’s certainly earned a location in my skincare routine.


बिरालाहरू र मेकअप स्वेटशर्ट ??

$ 42

शप अब

It’s really a toner, as well as I chosen it up randomly someday at Sephora since I’d been curious about it for a while. As you can see in the picture above, a powder settles at the bottom of the bottle. I just provide it a quick shake as well as apply directly to my face.  

Since my skin is traditional combination best now — dry on my cheeks as well as shiny along my T-zone — I can’t truly get down with strong toners since they just make my skin feel as well tight, however this Bamboo Matte lotion handles to work well anywhere I utilize it.

The water is infused with moisturizing bamboo, however the powder assists absorb oil. 

I like applying this after I laundry my face. It just balances my skin so perfectly.

I’ve likewise been testing Murad Oil-Control Mattifier SPF 15 (also offered at Sephora, as well as it’s $40).

It’s a moisturizer with SPF, as well as I certainly like the benefit of having one product that does both. It does a excellent task avoiding shine, however at the end of the day, my cheeks feel a bit tight when I utilize it. I don’t believe that equates into visual dryness, however I can feel it!

Also, I feel like SPF 15 is quite low for a sunscreen, as well as I like to wear SPF 30 at least. My uncle was diagnosed with skin cancer when I was in junior high, as well as even though he was able to get treatment in time as well as is doing just excellent now, that experience notified me to the risk of not protecting myself from the sun. 

I’m gonna get off my soapbox now, however outside of the low SPF, I believe this Murad does a great task at keeping my skin matte.

Testing serums, sprays, toners as well as lotions

Since I wasn’t wowed by the Murad Oil-Control Mattifier, I’ve likewise been testin boscia White Charcoal Mattifying makeup setting Spray (also offered at Sephora, as well as it’s $38).

It’s a spray infused with white charcoal, as well as it’s implied to be mattifying as well as moisturizing. You can likewise utilize it hroughout the day to mattify your skin without messing up your makeup.

So, it took me a bit while to get the hang of this spray since it’s not a very charged mattifier. Like, it states on sephora.com that it “gently mattifies.”

So this is not the spray you’d utilize to look 100% matte (which is really fine by me, because I’m all about that glow), however it is the spray you’d utilize when you want to prevent high intensity radiate as well as make your makeup last longer.  

I truly like utilizing this since it takes the edge off the radiate however doesn’t make my skin feel tight at all. I like to spray my makeup clean or sponge with it before applying my makeup, as well as then I’ll spray everything around my deal with after I surface my base. I discovered that this will make my mascara run, though, so I make sure to spray it before I apply mascara.

Overall, I such as this spray. If you have extremely oily skin, then it may not be strong enough, however if you have combination skin, it may work truly well for you.


Lastly, here’s something very new to me: the Sephora Clarifying Skincare Booster (for some reason I can’t discover it online) is implied to be added to your skincare. The essential component is zinc, as well as while the primary objective is to decrease the appearance of pores, it’s likewise expected to mattify your skin too.

You can utilize it day as well as night, as well as while I’ve only utilized it for about a week, I like it so far. I haven’t had any type of poor reactions to it, as well as when I add a couple of drops to my moisturizer, my skin is entrusted to a good matte canvas for my makeup.

Of these four products, my favorites are the Erborian toner as well asबोस्सिया सेटिंग स्प्रे, साथै म तपाईंसँग कुनै प्रकारको सुझावहरू सुन्न चाहन्छु!

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