December 3, 2023

BECCA liquid Crystal glow Gloss officially has nothing to finish with “The Dark Crystal,” but I feel like It ought to

When you hold your lip gloss like a magic wand… I’m wearing BECCA liquid Crystal glow Gloss in rose Quartz x Seashell ($22 and one of six shades), by the way!
So, I realize that the new BECCA liquid Crystal glow Glosses officially have nothing to finish with the 1982 Jim Henson classic, The Dark Crystal, but I feel like they should, because the film featured a cracked gem, and these glosses are inspired by gems that have been melted down to liquid form…

Um…leave it the the girl who named her kid after the heroine in the Terminator films to find the sci-fi angle, LOL.


This one is my favorite: champagne dream x Bellini
Anyway…I like these a lot. Some much more than others. They’re a new line of sheer glosses with different levels of glitter, pearl and shimmer, and you can wear them as standalone lip glosses or layer them on top of lipstick.

“Buuuuut, Karen,” I can already hear you saying, “Can’t you layer any old gloss on top of lipstick?”

Why, yes, sweet thing! You certainly can.


बिरालाहरू र मेकअप स्वेटशर्ट ??

$ 42

शप अब

Amethyst X Geode

But these have a holographic effects, which you may or may not wanna blame on the whole unicorn trend happening in makeup best now. The BECCA liquid Crystals have the same duochrome effect as shadows like MAC Club, which appear to shift from one color to another in the light, some much more drastically than others, like Opal x Jade, which shifts from a taupe to opal to teal.

It’s relocation obvs in real life than in pics, which is why you can’t really see a lot of the green on my lips here, but it’s there, though!

Opal x Jade
My faves are the ones that aren’t as flashy, and are much more opalescent than glittery, like champagne dream x Bellini.


It’s a peach that subtly flashes to a rosy golden champagne, and the duochrome effect is subtle, which is completely my makeup style at le moment.

The other one I love is pink rose Quartz x Seashell, which shifts from rose to hot pink.

Again, so, so good.

I think that both of these are good for everyday wear or for special occasions (like weddings), where you’re doing a nude lip.

Topaz x Gilt
I’m not awfully crazy about the white gloss, Pearl x Gold, because the pieces are big, and I can’t really see a color shift at all. but I’ll give BECCA props for how smooth it feels, because, you know, gritty glosses… They’re the worst. Do you want to feel like you’re making out with an unpaved gravel driveway? I don’t!

Pearl x Gold
Sometimes I think that gloss is even much more personal than perfume. Some people like them sticky, some people like them not, some people like them unscented, some people like the ones that smell like Nutella…

Oh, wait! — that’s just me. Haha.

I can’t really taste anything when I wear these, but they smell a little like a coconut vanilla smoothie, and they feel GOOD. They’re thick like a MAC Lipglass, but when I press my lips together (*smack, smack, smack!!*), the formula isn’t ridiculously sticky.

As for wear time, you’d think that a gloss that isn’t very sticky wouldn’t last very long, but I can still feel these on my lips after four hours, a cup of coffee and a meal.

All six colors are limited edition, which is kind of a bummer, because I’d love to always have a tube of champagne dream x Bellini on hand for the occasional lip gloss emergency, which I’ve legit suffered from in the past.


You know how it goes… Sometimes, you just really need a peachy gloss that chooses everything, like champagne dream x Bellini does.

तपाईंको मैत्री छिमेकी आकर्षण लॉकेट,


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